• Creation of interactive digital newsletters.
• Development of brand awareness for local businesses.

A modern and environmentally friendly take on the traditional newsletter.
We are one of the only companies of our kind to incorporate content, outside of estate related updates and news, that includes video displays of recipes, DIY’s, adverts and home tours into our newsletters, as well as clickable links to social pages, websites, emails and mobile numbers.

If you run a business that caters to people in general, it is most important that you catch their attention in order to gain awareness of your business and create a sense of trust.
“We have their eyes, you services their needs” says it best. Featuring your ad in our estate newsletters could be a winning market for you, as long as your adverts add value to the readers! We'll guide you on creating valuable adverts that catch attention.

Now you can include video and outstanding visuals in your business's trendy weekly or monthly newsletters to your customers and prospects!
Newsletters to your database promote top-of-mind, authority, industry knowledge, product/service specials or discounts, customer education, sales and a sense of care for your business and its customers' interests.
Get on board with other cool leading brands that include video in their business newsletters.

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